Mark B

Kylee is a very talented designer. She completely transformed my house in a way that I would have never considered if left to my own ideas.  From the initial meeting to the final install, it was a professional and pleasant experience. She is honest and she actually listened to me and what I was trying to accomplish with my design.  She delivered on some very creative ideas while at the same time staying within my budget.  I can’t count the number of times that people have walked into my house and told me how great my house now looks and that it must have cost a fortune.  Yes, it looks great but Kylee found some impressive pieces for very reasonable prices.  I have people asking for her name every time they come into my home.  Her talents are not limited to just interior furnishings.  She brought my house alive with artwork and various accessories.  She also transformed my backyard into a comfortable and relaxing living space.  I unreservedly recommend Kylee to anyone looking for a creative, colorful and warm design that turns your house into a home.Thanks Kylee!